For foreigners who want to learn Chinese in Taiwan Chinese

This is a great choice for foreigners who are living in Taiwan and want to learn Chinese. Many people have attempted language exchange and found that it does not work. This is because often times it is a person who teaches his/her language everyday, meeting a person who does not. Others go to a university, or through some other academic curriculum that does not work for everyone. People who commit to 30 hours of time are following the same pricing and policy as MyTeacher (or #2). We do not think learning a language should be gun to the head for lost time*, or an overcrowded academic hell. The maximum number of people we take is seven (7). We have great Chinese teachers, with years of experience helping foreigners communicate and do business in Taiwan. Our two newest consultants could not be more different, and we think that is quite appropriate as we unapologetically aim to be unique. Rock (Chang Shih Wei) is looking forward to teaching you Chinese, private or group at a discounted price! He was born in 1951. He graduated from the army school of Taiwan at 19, then took training at the El Paso Texas Air Defense School. He served in the Taiwan Army for ten years. In 1956, when he was 35, he went to Los Angeles for five years to help his older brother run his Chinese restaurant. Rock has been our great friend and supporter since 2009. He is a gem and we think you will find his dedicated attitude and youthful fun loving spirit to a refreshing difference that you will not find anywhere else. On the other hand, you may be looking for a professional, young and experienced teacher, with certification and so on. We have those too, but could not resist telling you about Rock as an option. Check out Allen below and be blown away no-classes-just-class-style! Pricing and timing information are below, and it is just as simple as that!

Group Visits Pricing Information:

The prices are for three months in duration and include materials fees, and Free Punch Card Credits.

A Punch Card Credit is money. It can be used by anyone to buy things at See

Three 2 hour visits a week for 3 months = 72 hours = $23,700 total!
+10 Free Punch Cards Credits!

Two 2 hour visits a week for 3 months = 48 hours = $15,800 total!
+6 Free Punch Card Credits!

One 2 hour visit a week for 3 months = 24 hours = $7,900 total!
+3 Free Punch Cards Credits

*Lost time will be reimbursed to you in the form of two (2) Punch Card Credits per missed meeting. We want you to take your attendance seriously, but we do not want to make you feel that you have a gun to your head, and we want to be very fair.

Please feel free to inquire about dates and choice availability.

Chinese Group Consultations:

Register for Chinese for Beginners or Intermediate! They can be created on the spot! There are only spaces for 7 people per group, so please sign up and if we don't start one soon enough for you, we will simply return your cash and very much appreciate you support nonetheless!

Private Chinese Consultations:

Register for private Chinese classes for any level! You have 180 days to finish your time. People typically visit 1.5 hours or 2 hours each visit with our great 5+ hour cancelation policy! We are sure that you will find your time with us a pleasure and be very happy you found us!

Private Times and Pricing:

Weekdays, Weekends, and Sundays too, at most any time are available with Rock at $20,000 total!

Monday, Wednesday, or Friday evenings from 7 PM - 9 PM are available for time Allen!

ONLY $30,000 for 30 hours total!

More about Allen

Allen is an exceptionally educated and sophisticated man with dual-nationality between Taiwan and the UK. His experience in business is abundant to say the least, and that coupled with being appointed and contracted as the Chinese language training teacher for HSBC HQ in Canary Wharf, London, make him a qualified assed and dear friend we gratefully and proudly promote.

His unique knowledge adds a really fun element to what a pleasant person he is to be around. You would be hard-pressed to think of a setting/environment that he would not add to. A really kind soul that shines very brightly indeed, and having time spent with Allen as part of anyones weekly routine is a beautiful experience of positive motivation that should leave you feeling empowered to achieve your goals.

More about Allen:

- He spent 6 years in Shanghai (we pray for Gods protection from being suicided if he ever returns there), working in luxury publications with content produce, marketing & advertising, business development, PR event skills and a KOL. - He has a Master of Education, TEFL, University of Bristol, UK Aug/1998 - Mar/2000 BA, Insurance & Applied English;Ming Chuan University, TaipeiSep/1992 - July/1996
- He received the “ROC Outstanding Performance Medal 1998” Awarded by: ROC Ministry of National Defense.
- At Present he is the Chief Editor for the World Wrist Watch Magazine & Luxury Watcher Magazine, Shanghai.
- He has been invited to be the guest speaker for events by well known luxury brands such as Bulgari, Rolex, Blancpain, Breguet, Zenith, LV, Loro Piana, Montblanc, Lange & Sohne, GO, Jacquet Droz, Porsche, Lindberg, just to name a few.
- He has interviewed over one hundred luxury brands’ CEO, GM, MD, director, watchmaker, goldsmith, craftsmen & designers.
- He has been interviewed and quoted by many press and magazine titles in relation to various luxury market topics.
- He was the Director of Business Development Nobelesse Magazine, Shanghai from July 2016 - December 2016.
- He had a 6 month contract working for the most well-known and extensively distributed luxury publication in Asia (Korea, India and China). Here he Set up, recruited trained & expanded the BD team as well as led the company advertising in the sales & marketing departments where he very successfully increased overall revenue.
- He developed and and proposed new BD strategies to the board, MD and CEO coordinating with the heads of the editorial, digital, sales & marketing, and distribution to implement new strategies and projects.
He successfully open 6 new commercial accounts within 6 months by connecting his personal contacts resulting in a 25% increase to the Sales & Advertising revenue.
- He was the head and executive editor for World Wrist Watch Magazine & Luxury Watcher Magazine from September 2009 – October 2011 in London. 

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